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June 3rd has been designated as World Clubfoot Day. Clubfoot is the most common musculoskeletal birth deformity affecting 200,000 newborn children each year, 80% in developing countries.  If untreated, children affected by this condition often grow up unable to walk, go to school or significantly participate in their communities. The earlier it is treated, the better the outcome.  The goal of World Clubfoot Day is to raise awareness about clubfoot disability and its prevention using the Ponseti method, a non-surgical treatment that includes gentle manipulation of the feet followed by the application of plaster casts and temporary bracing.  The date was chosen to commemorate the birth date of Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, the developer of the Ponseti Method to treat clubfoot.  Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled, a leading provider of medical and surgical care and rehabilitation for people with orthopaedic disabilities has been successfully providing treatment for clubfeet using the Ponseti method which avoids the necessity of surgery to treat this common disability.   So far, in the last five months, 418 children with club feet have been successfully treated at PSRD using this method.

Mrs. Ghazala Hameed,

Ambassador Bone & Joint Decade,

Vice President PSRD



Epidemiology, Costs & Burden of Osteoporosis in 2013

PSRD collaborated with the International Osteoporosis Foundation in their Asia-Pacific Regional Audit of Osteoporosis.  The audit was carried out to ascertain the impact that osteoporosis is having currently and will have in the future upon older people and healthcare systems. It reveals the immense and growing burden of osteoporosis and fractures in the Asia Pacific Region.  PSRD provided valuable input in the Country Overview related to Pakistan.  Population of Pakistan is expected to increase by approximately 51% between 2013 and 2050.  Numbers are expected to rise much more rapidly in the over fifties group.  In just over a decade by 2025, those aged over 50 will increase by 50% (from 24.8m  37.3m) and increase again by 134% to 87.2m by 2050. This steep growth curve in the population most vulnerable to osteoporosis presents Pakistan with a tremendous challenge as well as opportunity to care for their elderly.  Currently there is negligible focus on this serious disease which is the leading cause of fragility fractures in older people particularly in developing countries like Pakistan.  For full report please go to

 ri meeting-1


Rehabilitation International Annual General Meeting was held on 22nd September, 2013 in New York, USA. 

The Executive Committee/Commission meetings and RI's General Assembly  all held at the UN Church Center in New York were a huge success with important decisions taken to ensure RI's continuing role and involvement in various initiatives for the realization of the rights of persons with disabilities through the effective and meaningful implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  The participants reviewed the work undertaken during the last year and adopted a two year Action Plan which will guide RI's global work from 2013-2014.  The GA also adopted a Resolution on Women with Disabilities to jumpstart RI's commitment of continuing to pursue its work for WWD started at the 21st World Congress of RI in Quebec, Canada.

Vice President, PSRD and National Secretary for RI in Pakistan, Mrs. Ghazala Hameed, participated in the RI AGM and Commission meetings.


 un meeting


A High Level Meeting on Disability and Development (HLMDD) was held at the UN in New York on 23rd September 2013 to spur international action to ensure that persons with disabilities can contribute to global economy.  Theme for the HLMDD was: The Way Forward: A Disability inclusive development agenda towards 2015 and beyond.

In his opening statement, UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon said a significant number of persons with disabilities live in poverty, suffers from social exclusion, and are denied access to education, health care and social and legal support.  He stated that an increase in the availability of assistive devices could help improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people. However, persons with disabilities have other hurdles to overcome including discrimination and stigma.

Singer, songwriter, Stevie Wonder, a UN Ambassador for Peace, spoke on his personal experience as a visually impaired person and urged heads of states and the international community “to make it possible for every person with disabilities to freely pursue their lives and dreams”.  The General Assembly adopted the Outcome Document created to support the aims of the CRPD and the realization of the MDG's and other internationally agreed development goals for persons with disabilities.

Government representatives from member states, organisations working for people with disabilities and civil society representatives participated in the meeting.

Vice President, PSRD, and National Secretary for Rehabilitation International in Pakistan, Mrs. Ghazala Hameed also participated in the meeting.



Chairperson, Orthotics & Prosthetics Centre, Brig. Abdul Qayyum Sher (H.J), passed away on Sunday, 26th August, 2013.  He was 94.  Upright and principled, he had served PSRD for over 29 years with great dedication, sincerity and enthusiasm.  His services, particularly in the Orthotics & Prosthetics Centre, were outstanding, and resulted in making it a professional set up which not only provides services at PSRD but also in areas outside Lahore.  He was so devoted to the cause of people with disabilities that, despite his frailty, he worked steadfastly to the end. 

A brave and courageous soldier, he served in the army with distinction and will be remembered for his heroics in the recapture of the Wagah position occupied by the Indian army in 1965. He was decorated with Hilal-i-Jurrat for his gallantry in this war. He resigned from the army in 1968.

In addition to PSRD, he also worked in a voluntary capacity with other charitable institutions such as the Pakistan TB Association and the Pakistan Red Cross.

He is survived by a son, two daughters and five grandsons and two great grandsons. His daughter, Ms. Ferhana Qayyum Sher, is a Member of the PSRD Executive Committee. 

May Almighty Allah rest his soul in eternal peace and give strength to the bereaved family to bear his loss. Ameen.


 Begum Mehranges


PSRD suffered a great loss with the sad demise of Begum Mehranges Sherazee, S.I., on 28th May, 2013.  She had been associated with the establishment of PSRD since 1960 and had dedicated her life to building up the institution as a model for others to emulate. She  served as President PSRD from 1992- 2012.  Her inspirational, motivational and dedicated leadership during this time was invaluable to PSRD and she was the moving spirit behind all that PSRD achieved during the last many years.  She will be greatly missed. She is survived by her husband, Mr. Muhammad Hassan Sherazee, two sons and two daughters.   May Almighty Allah rest her blessed soul in peace and give the bereaved family strength to bear her loss. Ameen




From 5th to 10th May, 2013,  PSRD was honoured by a visit from Mr. A. J. Warco, Director Programs for A Leg to Stand On (ALTSO), who are our partners in the project to provide free artificial limbs and appliances to children with disabilities under the age of 18. During his visit, Mr. Warco was shown around the facilities, introduced to the staff and met some of the patients. 

He was very impressed with the facilities being provided at PSRD for the treatment, education and rehabilitation of the disabled.



 Musical Evening

Dera Musical evening was organised on 20th April, 2013 to raise funds for PSRD and the Old Students Association.  Current and old students, staff members and their families along with PSRD Executive Committee members and other guests attended the event.  Popular singers like Arif Lohar, Farah Anwar, Israr, Nirmal Shah, Waqar Raj, Mohd Ali, Shan Nawaz, Alvina Khan and Liaqat Ali Badal entertained the gathering with their delightful performance.  Shagufta Khanum did a fine job with her excellent compering.

Food stalls selling regional delicacies, nan chaney, saag paratha, luddoo paithee, kashmiri chai etc. and the colourful village atmosphere were appreciated by all. A sum of Rs. 160,660 was raised during the evening.

 “20th April, 2013 was a day which I will remember for a long time.  It was the day when I saw at first hand the ability to overcome hardships in life with courage, and a smile.  The occasion was a musical evening organized by the PSRD Old Students Association to raise funds for persons with disabilities.  The glowing faces of the students dressed in their finest clothes, full of confidence and hope were a sight to behold.  There was not an iota of self-consciousness or unhappiness with the hand that fate had dealt them.  All I could do was to pray for them and hope that they would transverse life’s long journey with the same confidence and happiness.  My prayers and good wishes will always be with them”. -  Mr. Parvez Masud – President PSRD


Annual General Body Meeting of PSRD
Date :   February 14, 2012

Annual General Body meeting of PSRD was held on Tuesday , 14th February, 2012 in the Society’s Multi Purpose Hall, attended by Executive Committee members, volunteers. The meeting commenced with recitation from the Holy Quran by Lt. Col. (Retd.) Muhammad Bakhtair. Fateha was offered for the deceased members and relatives who died the date of last meet General Body meeting 15th February, 2011. Mrs. Rehana Maroof Baray, General Secretary presented the Annual Review and highlighted the prominent activities of PSRD during the year under review. She also praised the services of volunteers who rendered their services in various units/sections of PSRD. Mr. Muhammad Parvez Masud, Treasurer presented the Annual Audit Report and Budget 2011 – 2012 which was noted and approved by the members of General Body. Office bearers and Executive Committee members for the next two years elected unanimously. Mrs. Parveen Umar highlighted the services of outgoing Senior Vice President Dr Shirin Khan. Mr. Muhammad Saeed Shamsi give suggestions regarding structural reforms in order to serve the people more efficiently with greater enthusiasm. In the end Mrs. M. H. Sherazee, S.I, President in her speech said that we have such a wonderful group of people with whom Allah would be very happy for their noble deeds in working for the benefit of mankind. She believed that we are all blessed by Allah in one way or the other way and received much more than we gave. She hoped that this feeling of helping those who need our help will always be a strong factor in achieving our mission. Allah helped us tremendously to continue serving the people with disabilities. She thanked all these people who took part in meeting the mission of helping the destitute.

Promoting the Rights & Inclusion of Persons with D
Date :   March 31, 2010

People with disabilities have the same rights as everybody else. Their differing abilities become disabilities when they come across economic, social and physical barriers in society. Lack of transport facilities for persons with disabilities, non-observance and non-enforcement of employment quota, lack of educational facilities and discrimination etc. are some of the barriers being faced by persons with disabilities. These and other issues were highlighted at a conference held on Wednesday, 31st March 2010. The conference on “Promoting the Rights & Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities” was organized by the Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled in collaboration with the Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled at the PSRD premises on 111-Ferozepur Road, Lahore. The conference was attended by a large number of organizations working for persons with disabilities, rehabilitation experts, government representatives, human rights activists, civil society representatives, academics, intellectuals and the media. Chief Secretary Punjab, Mr. Nasir Khosa was the chief guest. Chief Coordinator to the Chief Minister Punjab, Mr. Naushad Hameed and Deputy Chief Coordinator to the Chief Minister Punjab, Dr. Aftab Butt were also present. Dr. Amjad Saqib, Managing Director Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled, Mr. I. A. Rehman, Secretary General Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Dr. Abdul Tawab, Chairperson Rising Sun, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hameed, Assoc. Dean, University of Management & Technology, Dr. Khawar Sultana from Amin Maktab, Ms. Rabia Faisal, Principal Hamza Foundation, Mr. Arif Nizami and Mrs. Ghazala Hameed, Secretary P.S.R.D. and RI National Secretary were prominent among the speakers. Good practices in service delivery to persons with disabilities, effective community based outreach programs, success stories in rehabilitation were shared by the participants. Rights based approach to dealing with disability issues, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and inclusive education were also discussed. The speakers called for better co-ordination among government departments dealing with education , social welfare and poverty alleviation, proper utilization of resources and implementation of government policies for persons with disabilities, supporting and facilitating the work of organizations working for such persons, networking among NGO’s, awareness raising and laying the groundwork for ratification and implementation of the Convention. The priority should be an enabling environment in which persons with disabilities can have access to affordable healthcare, education, transport, information and other services so that they can become part of a truly inclusive society.

Press Release
Date :   December 03, 2009

On the International Day of Disability, the Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PSRD) urges the Government of Pakistan to move forward towards ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Civil Society, Parliament, judiciary, NGOs and Media need to join together in this process so that persons with disabilities can take their place as full and equal members of society.

13 th Annual Eid Gift Program
Date :   August 18, 2008
Boy Scouts & Girl Guides Welcoming President & General Secretary PSRD.

Old student Association of PSRD organized its 13 th Annual Eid Gift ceremony in the last week of Ramadan on 17 th October 2006. The Purpose of this ceremony was to celebrate the happiness of Eid among physically handicapped people, it was celebrated by distributing different Eid gifts to disables which includes 9 wheel chairs, computer, tricycle, 8 grocery packs, more than 400 suits to its students and workers and Rs 200 were given to each school students as Eidi. Members of the association and students also delivered recitations, speeches and national songs in this Program.

Approval of the Project for the provision of Artif
Date :   August 18, 2008

We are extremely grateful to the Embassy of Japan for approving the project of our organization for the provision of artificial limbs manufacturing equipment for earthquake affectees and disabled at Abboatabad, NWFP. We acknowledge with thanks the grant for the execution of the project. Dr. Shirin Khan, Vice President, Pakistan Society for the Rehabilitation of Disabled signed project contract on February 3 rd , 2006 at The Embassy of Japan in Islamabad.

A seminar on musculo-skeletal diseases
Date :   August 18, 2008

A seminar was arranged on 31 st of August by PSRD Hospital. The main theme of the seminar was to find ways towards improvement in health care in musculo-skeletal diseases through coordination among family physicians and orthopaedic surgeons. The main purpose of this was to bring awareness among family physicians about orthopaedic problems and refer them to orthopaedic surgeons. People from different medical, social and media background attended.

In commemoration with the 50th anniversary
Date :   August 18, 2008

In commemoration with the 50th anniversary of PSRD a fund raising event will be held in the Crystal Hall of the Pearl Continental Hotel on 14th April, in which well known artists will perform after dinner. Cards are available at PSRD 111-Ferozepur Road, Lahore.


Visit of Deputy Executive Director WRF and Ice Express Team
Date :   August 18, 2008

A team of eight members of World Rehabilitation Fund Inc. USA and Ice Express including Ms. Mimi Grettinger, Deputy Executive Director of WRF arrived in the first week of September 2006. The purpose of their visit was to provide artificial limbs free of cost to needy and poor disabled people, which include 20 upper and 40 lower prosthesis limbs. The team of specialist and technicians left in the mid of September after fitting these most modern artificial appliances. A small registration process was adopted for disabled people who wanted to be benefited by this opportunity. Other local NGO's and hospitals were also contacted in this regard. Limb Workshop staff responded very well to the short training given by the technicians from Ice Express. Certificates were awarded to the trained PSRD staff at the end of their visit.

Independence Day Celebrations
Date :   August 18, 2008

Independence day was celebrated on 14 th August in OPD Hall. Dr. Khursheed Zaman of Gulab Devi Hospital was the chief guest. School students sang national songs and delivered speeches related to 14 th August.



Visit of President World Rehabilitation Fund U.S.A
Date :   July 29, 2008
Mr. Pryor, President WRF being welcomed by school Students at their visit to PSRD.

Mr. Sam Pryor, President WRF USA and Ms. Miriam Gettinger, Deputy Director of World Rehabilitation Fund traveled to Pakistan on January 21, 2006 on a fact finding needs assessment to determine how to respond to proposals for assistance arising from the disastrous earthquake of October 2005. The focus of their trip was to visit PSRD. In the first two days they spent a good deal of time with Mrs. M. H. Sherazee and her staff and principal Board Members visiting the school and hospital. They also visited Orthotics and Prosthetic Centre that can produce high quality artificial limbs, braces joints, etc. Guests were introduced to other organizations in Lahore serving the handicap community. PSRD arranged for Mr. Pryor, President WRF to meet and speak to the Chamber of Commerce as well as a meeting and exchange of remarks with Governor of the Punjab at the Governor's House. They also graced the School's Sports day watching the students with a whole range of handicaps participating in races and other sports.

Project Signing at japan Ambassy
Date :   July 27, 2008
Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan handing over contract file to Dr. Shirin Khan Senior Vice President

H.E. Mr. Nobuaki Tanaka, Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan Dr. Shirin Khan, Senior vice President PSRD signing great contract for the "Project for Promision of Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Equipment" at Japan Embassy Islamabad.